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My first Mastino....

When I got my first Mastino, I didn’t have the faintest idea what kind of passion it would become. That I would become seriously interested in breeding and getting so involved with this breed. It has really got me.
Since Mastino is a rare breed, very unique and special, it is a true challenge to breed.
It is not a homogeneous breed and it is also quite far from a basic dog.
For me the most important thing is the true type of Mastino, which unfortunately is very often missing. Only those true Mastinos with the right breedtype and expression give off the dignity and majestity of the breed.

Mastino Napoletano is truly an Italian breed, and breeders around the world, also here in Finland should respect that and try to create and maintain important characteristics of the breed.
It’s important to know the meaning of the standard and the ideal of the breed. And keep that as Your goal. We shouldn’t settle for these so-called ”Nordic mastinos”, which are usually too light in bone and body, without strong and massive heads lacking many characteristics, being like sporty-mastinos.
Dogs like these are rewarded at shows all the time, that causes people to appreciate totally wrong type of Mastinos. This is unfortunate, but very true.
It requires lot of interest and efforts from breeders and judges to see the top-quality Mastinos, most importantly in Italy, and to really understand the essence and spirit of Mastino!

As important as type, is the character of Mastino. It is well balanced and stable protector of his family and property. It should not be too quick-tempered or too sharp. We should specially avoid all kind of shyness and nervousness, no matter what has caused it.
I also want to place particular stress on the fact that the breeder is in a key position in socialization of puppies.

Healthy of the breed is also a very big issue. Vitality and lifespan and a healthy construction. Certain risks and possibility of some problems should still be accepted with a breed like this.

My breeding is in small-scale, but I take it very seriously, like the breed also.
I think every Mastino deserves to live happily in their loving families with understanding of the breed.

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