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I am Sara-Emilia Kinnunen. I live in a peacefull countryside in Mäntsälä, southern Finland, located about 60 km from Helsinki, with my fiance Kimmo and our beloved Mastini Napoletani.

I’ve had own dogs for about twentyfive years now, I got my first molossian at 1991, it was a bullmastiffmale Viidog’s Caesar Remus ”Remu”. He was a wonderful reliable companion, a true ”english gentleman”. Remu passed away in winter 1999 at age of 8 years, because of bonecancer. Allready then I was very fascinated by Mastino Napoletano, that time there was not much knowledge or experience of Mastinos in Finland, and I thought to let it wait and find out more about this so special breed I had falled for.

Mastino truly came to my life in 1995, when I bought my first Mastino, a nine month old grey female Pigheaded Cutthroat Anceliga ”Massa”. Since that there hasn’t been a single day in my life without Mastinos by my side.
She had allready been returned to her breeder. I feel I was quite lucky with my first Mastino, even she was not a beauty, so she was not for show’s neither a broodbitch, but she did have a True Mastino Temperament! She taught me a lot about Mastino:
the faithfullness and companionship, the passion and devotion to protect their own, the gentleness and also the fearlessness if needed.

In autumn 1996....

Remu and Massa got company when a femalepuppy Rantatuulen Bellatrix ”Miina” arrived.
At that time we realised we need more space and left the city and moved here where we have the space and privacy for the dogs and a property for them to guard. And they just ”blossomed”.
Of course we needed to have a male too, so Rantatuulen Carleone ”Uuno” came to us at age of one year.

In spring 2001 we imported a 2.5 year old male Feroce de Nahuel and a femalepuppy Fruit d’Amour Kirke.
In winter 2002 we visited once again Miina’s and Uuno’s breeders, and guess what, just adorable young female Horpankiertäjän Amorosa ”Elviira” moved to our pack.
In autumn 2003 I imported a malepuppy Xenodamos de Nahuel ”Paroni” from Spain.

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